By Uthman Siraja

To curtail the increasing proportion of insecurity and banditry in Niger State, the eight emirate councils in conjunction with the Imams’ Forum in the state have embarked on special prayers to seek divine intervention.

The prayers were held simultaneously at different locations within the state on Sunday, to ask Allah to bring an end to the activities of armed bandits that has hitherto rendered many communities inhabitable in the last three years.

Armed banditry has been on the increase in the three senatorial districts of Niger State as many villages and communities were invaded by gunmen terrorizing the locals while substantial number of cattle and other animals rustled.

Speaking with Journalists shortly after the prayers at the Minna Central Masjid, the Director General, Bureau for Religious Affairs, Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullahi said the prayers were on the heels of the increasing rate of armed banditry and security challenges that some communities in Niger state were been subjected to in the last three years.

He stated that the supplication, the third in the series was called by the eight emirate councils and the imams’ forum to seek Allah’s face to bring  to an end  to the increasing rate of armed banditry in the state.

According to him, all efforts by relevant security agencies and the government to bring an end to the armed banditry and other forms of security challenges that engulfed the state in the last three years was yet to get any positive result, which informed the call for prayers to seek for God’s intervention.

“We believe in prayers for Allah’s intervention on the insecurity and the armed banditry activities in Niger State

.”Efforts of the relevant security agencies and government to bring an end to the insecurity have not yielded any meaningful result.

“Farmers were chased out of their farms by these armed bandits. Villagers have been displaced by these bandits; Women were raped, children became orphans, women turned to widows, people became homeless in IDP camps everywhere.

He said that the prayers will continue until the activities of the armed bandits and other security challenges were brought to an end.