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By George Daniya

On April 13, 2016, when I arrived Government House in the morning, a colleague told me that a new appointment has been made, and that he had seen the person being taken round as he made his documentation. One thing he was sure of was that the person was a familiar face, but he couldn’t recollect where he knew him. He told me that since the new appointee came, he always stayed close to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello at every function he had attended since the man started showing up at the Government House on a daily basis.
The next day, we had two major functions at the Government House, and as soon as the first one was over, during which the governor received elders of Kagara emirate, I went straight to greet Hon Adamu Aliyu Mohammed, the chairman of Niger Tornadoes Management Committee, my boss at Tornadoes. I have been working with him as the team’s spokesman for about a year now. As soon as I had finished with him, the Niger State Television (NSTV) cameraman at the seat of power, Mallam Yahaya, came up to me and said, “Oga George, that is the man I was telling you about, who was being taking round for documentation,”to which I replied,“Habamana, so you don’t recognize the chairman of Niger Tornadoes FC, Minna.” Suddenly, everyone around there recalled that some few months ago, he led the team to visit the governor before the commencement of the premier league. Well, it was my boss whom the governor had entrusted with the role as his Principal Private Secretary (PPS). Hon. Mohammed, Tornadoes helmsman, chief motivator, and fan, and a perfect gentleman, honest and trustworthy, was appointed as PPS to the governor on April 9, 2016. Everywhere the governor went, he went in tow.
I remember the Tornadoes visit to Government House, led by Hon Mohammed; during that visit, he spoke eloquently and impressed my colleagues. It was during that visit that the governor ordered the payment of N25m surety bond to the Nigeria Football Federation/League Management Company (NFF/LMC), which clubs must pay before they are allowed to take part in the league. The team also got a promise for a new bus, from the governor, to enable them prosecute the league campaign successfully.
Last week, I watched the PPS as he concentrated on the governor’s activities; he made sure nothing passed him throughout any of the proceedings. I couldn’t stop admiring the manner at which he was carrying out his duties. Those who advised the governor to make Hon Mohammed his PPS were indeed wise men. A certified medical practitioner, turned seasoned administrator and politician, Hon. Mohammed is charismatic and loyal, a trait which was evident in his days in the Peoples’ Redemption Party (PRP) when Engr. Mustapha Bello attempted to run in the gubernatorial race. He became a household name in the state as a result of his brilliant mobilizational skills, a master politician when it comes to the politics of opposition. I am sure that the Tornadoes players, management team, and fans are smiling, now that the PPS is close to the Number One citizen in the state, who will be kept abreast of everything about the club. For them, this promotion of the TMC chairman is great news; the club will no longer suffer in silence.
Hon Mohammed is a sound mixer; he appears to be getting along well in Government House. I have seen that he is already relating well with the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Mal Jibrin Baba Ndace. During the group photograph with World Bank/French Development Agency (WB/FDA), I noticed the warm chemistry between him and Yusuf Waili, the SSA, Timekeeping and Schedules. He is not a gadfly; one who comes into a situation and changes the atmosphere. He is a team player. I know, because I worked with him.
When the governor received the delegation from Kagara emirate, he made it clear that the government will soon clamp down on those selling hard drugs to the youths, which has resulted in many of them taking to criminal behaviours such as thuggery, armed robbery, kidnapping and so on. For avoidance of doubt, the governor has declared war on the merchants of illegal drugs, including those who patronize them, and the first battle will open in Kagara LG. Subsequently, the war will shift to other local government areas in the state, to rout drug addiction which has been destroying the lives of young Nigerlites. According to the governor, unless this were done, a day will come when criminal bands under the influence of drugs will hold us hostage in broad daylight; they will not allow anyone to move out from his house in pursuit of his legitimate activities.
The members of the delegation from the Kagara emirate, which included the Rafi Local Government Chairman, Hon Gambo Tanko, leader of the delegation, as well as the spokesman of the team, Commissioner of Finance, Alh. Ibrahim Balarabe, all concurred with the governor that drug dealers, drug addiction, and crime will do us all in.
The team from the World Bank and the French Development Agency, who were in the state to inspect rural access roads under construction, also called on the governor last week. Even though the projects were ongoing, the leader of the delegation, Tesfa Michael Mitaku, expressed satisfaction with the work done so far, promising that the projects will be completed soon while the second phase of 500km roads construction across the state will be initiated.
After expressing his appreciation to the WD/FDA, the governor said the road projects were assisting the rural dwellers to get their farm produce to the urban markets, where they get better prices for their communities. He appealed to the team to expand the next phase of the project to cover1,000kms. He assured them that, sometime later in the year, he will invite them back to the state to come and take a ride round the state and see why he needed their assistance. He promised to foot the bill of that visit exclusively from his personal pocket. He said they will be at the Kainji Game Reserve, Babanloma, and Babana areas and other parts of Minna, of which one LG was bigger than some states in Nigeria.

While addressing his foreign visitors, the WB/FDA, the governor said that he was committed to change, change in the existential condition of the people. He said he had seen worldly things enough, and that those things no longer get into his head nor tempt him. He said being a governor has given an opportunity to serve the people. He said his focus in life now is to ensure that the people are happy by getting the dividends of democracy. 
I wish Hon Adamu Aliyu Mohammed the best in his new portfolio.