By Bashir Ahmad Usman ‘Yankuzo

President Muhammad Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

The favours of Allah to his servants are certainly enormous and uncountable, Allah says in the glorious Qur’an “If you would count up the favours of Allah, never would you be able to count them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. And Allah knows what you conceal, and what you reveal. Qur’an surah An- Nahl verse 18

Although Allah has favoured all his servants, to the best of my knowledge there are few, if at all they exist, among Nigerian past leaders that Allah has favoured like you. From the deepest part of my mind, I believe Allah has granted you these favours for a purpose best known to Him only.

From available records we learnt that you grew up an orphan but what is presently obvious is that you got what many people with rich and influential parents did not have. You joined one of the most risky professions and not only fought in a civil war in which many lost their lives; but also survived it and later rose to the highest rank. You became a military head of state after a successful coup executed by your men Although you were toppled through a palace coup and later detained, you later returned back, not only alive, but also actively hale and healthy living in the midst of your family and people as one loved by them. Just recently, you survived an assassination attempt. And, only Allah knows how many other such attempts you escaped. Today you are returning back to lead the Nation as a democratically elected president through a popular support of not only the Nigerian masses but including other elites that have been forced to belong to your camp due to exigencies of the time. And, as a good omen for you and Nigerians you are to be sworn in on Friday; a special day which Allah has specifically selected among other days and in the blessed Month of Sha’aban close to the blessed month of Ramadan.

Now as a politically and democratically elected president, it will be good to remember that although many politicians who have amassed lot of resources have done all they could to ensure that someone other than you wins this and previous elections, a quality that is rare among mankind made you defeated all those who stood against you. Nigerians believed you are honest. Please prove to all and sundry that you are not only willing to be honest and truthful in your dealings, but you shall also work only with those who are honest. Allah says in the glorious Qur’an in two different chapters but in each of the chapters in its verse 119 “O you who believe! Be alert and conscious of Allah, and be with those who are honest & truthful in words and deeds” Surat At-Taubah verse 119. “That Allah may reward the people of truth for their truth (i.e. for their patience at the accomplishment of that which they covenanted with Allah), and punish the hypocrites, if He wills, or accept their repentance by turning to them (in mercy), verily Allah is ever oft-forgiving, Most merciful. Surat Al-Ahzab verse 119

It is relevant to realise that this quality “Honesty” “truthfulness” or “as-Sidq” was described by scholars as a quality that is next to prophet hood, in consideration of how Allah placed it as the second in rank while describing the qualities of the greatest and noblest among His servants in Qur’an chapter 4 verse 59.  I urge you to please remain honest and exemplary in the way you run the affairs of your beloved country; it is only if you do this that Nigerians will forever remember you as someone who has set an unprecedented path for the growth and progress of their nation.

If you reflect back on the favours Allah has done to you, I believe you will see that they are plenty. I believe that, for example, you know the consequences of fighting and losing a war, planning a coup and then failing at the point of executing it, been a victim of military coup or assassination attempt, as well as coming out of a contest that has placed your records and integrity at stake. Only Allah knows what will have been the picture of your hard-earned good record today if you have lost this election. Earlier before now, your certificate, age, faith, culture, experience and even brain was ridiculed severally, all in the name of campaign. In all these instances Allah has not only saved you but has also blessed you with a position that many have spent time and resources to earn, but failed. Certainly, you have nothing to appreciate Allah than doing what is pleasing to His majesty.

You should thank Allah for your record and for making people to believe in you as an honest personality. You should likewise thank Allah for not only guiding you to Islam, but also for granting you opportunity to live these long years a practicing Muslim. The Prophet (SAWS) has mentioned that whoever live his life as a Muslim from youthful age up to the time he grow grey hair practicing Islam deserve special respect.

I wish to state, with all humility and respect that if you refuse to appreciate these and many other favours of Allah, you will have no excuse after returning back to Him. You should likewise remember that the best ways to appreciate Allah, especially as a president of a big country like Nigeria is not to bow down before any mortal but to Allah. You are fortunate that you are a Muslim who has been taught that in attempt to seek for blessings of Allah, you do not need any intermediary to link you with your merciful Lord. I believe you are aware that, as a Muslim your Lord accepts prayers from all those who sincerely seek from Him, hence you do not need to bribe someone claiming to be “a man of God” to supplicate or bless you. The prophet of Islam has said the best supplication or prayer people should seek for, are prayers coming from sincere hearts of those whom they treat well. Nigerian Masses prayed for you, including Muslims and non Muslims, at the time you don’t even know. Apart from your focus and dedication, it was these prayers that helped you to be in power today. I also wish to remind you that, as a president, in your attempt to get support of the Almighty, you don’t need “special prayer gurus” or so called “prophets of doom” that are usually found, especially in our country, around the corridors of power. In Islam what matters is what exists between you and Allah and the good will of those whom you are presiding over their affairs. Today, Allah has granted you the opportunity to be a president, please don’t misuse this opportunity; It might be the last one you have. Beg Allah to help you use it to earn His blessings and also do what will fetch you good praises from your people not only in the remaining few years you have on earth but also a praise that will follow you up to a day about which Allah says; This is a day on which the truthful will profit from their truth; Qur’an Maidah 119.

Allah told us in the glorious Qur’an that life is an opportunity and anyone who deliberately refuses to utilize it will fall among those that will regret at a time regret will not be of any use, a time Allah in His majesty will tell them; Did we not give you lives long enough, so that whoever would receive admonition could receive it? And (moreover) the Warner (Prophet or Grey hair) came to you.  Qur’an surah Fatir verse 37

Few days back a respected professor and Muslim elder sent me a message, when I read the message I saw where it was reported that China built the world largest hydroelectric plant 22,000MW for $25 Billion while available records shows that Nigeria has spent $35. 45 Billion for only 2,500MW. This sounds incredible, if not for the kind of country and leadership we are used to having in Nigeria. While I was discussing with a friend on this and other matters he observed that if Nigeria today could have similar hydroelectric plant China built, the issue of youth restiveness, idleness, unemployment and other social ills will drastically drop. Sir, I believe you are aware that it requires a lot of courage and political will for good things to happen in this country.

I wish to conclude by wishing you well and also calling on you to work hard, sincerely pray to Almighty Allah, and do what will make those masses who prayed for you from the deepest part of their heart when you were campaigning to do same for you as their president. I don’t think you will have any excuse to give Nigerians if you fail to succeed. Fortunately, Allah has already prepared the stage for you, all you need is to obey Him in both your private and public life and also ensure that those who believe in what you believed in similarly do what you believed in. As for those who do not believe in what you believed, Islam has directed that you treat all with kindness and justice. Although many will wish you fail, you should never bother, because Nigeria is blessed with good Muslims and good Non-Muslims that are trustworthy and hardworking, please search for them in your effort to deliver your promises, for Allah says “And fulfil (all) promises. Verily, the promises will be questioned about” surat al-Isra’i verse 34.

I wish to conclude by reminding you on the need to ponder over the messages contained in the following verses that we usually remind worshippers in almost all our Friday sermons, including today’s;

·       Verily Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those to whom they are due; and that when you judge between mankind, you judge with justice: Verily how excellent is the teaching which He (ALLAH) gives you! Truly Allah is ever All-Hearer, All-seer (of all things). Qur’an Chapter 4 verse 58

·       Verily Allah commands justice and the doing of good, and kindness with kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and oppression: He admonishes you, that you may take heed And fulfil the Covenant of Allah when ye have entered into it, break not your oaths after you have confirmed them; indeed you have made Allah your witness for Allah knows all that you do. Qur’an Surat An-Nahl 90 -91

I pray that Allah, Who sees, hears and knows all, will forever guide you and all of us as we witness this unique period in the history of Nigeria. May Allah assist you to excellently represent us, May Allah also assist us to render our own contribution for whatever is noble, beneficial and acceptable to Him. Ameen.

‘Yankuzo, Chief IMAM, Federal University of Technology, Minna, writes from Minna and can be reached at Phone: 08065542625, Email: