Newsline Newspaper, published by Niger Printing and Publishing Company Ltd (NPPC), was founded in 1986 to coincide with 10th anniversary of the creation of Niger State. The state came into being in 1976.The brainchild of the former military governor of Niger State, then Col. D.A.B. Mark (now Senate President), the paper was set up primarily to contribute to the process of educating Nigerlites and to publish content that will be of general interest to other Nigerians. The paper debuted on April 1, 1986, keeping a faithful date with readers every Sunday.
The nascent editions of Newsline Newspaper first rolled out from the print facilities of New Nigerian Newspapers, Kaduna, until 1992 when the state government acquired printing facilities for the organisation. With the acquisition and installation of the printing machinery, two other titles were introduced to the market: the midweek edition of Newsline and the Hausa vernacular tabloid, ‘Tauraruwa.’ The printing facilities also equipped the company with a capacity for high quality productions of calendars, posters, books, and even security documents.
NPPC, the company producing Newsline Newspaper titles, was incorporated in 1982 under the 1968 Companies Act. However, in 2001, following the enactment of a new media law in the state by the Kure Administration, the newspaper, along with the state-run Radio Niger and the fledgling Niger State Television, was put under the management, supervision and administration of a new body known as Niger State Media Corporation (NSMC). Under this new law, direct funding for the organisation stopped, except through the NSMC, a situation that severely affected editorial activities and led to epileptic newspaper production.To liberate the media outfits from this stifling law, the succeeding administration, under Gov Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, repelled the state Media Corporation law, which unbundled the media organs. Consequently, the organisation has reverted to its former company status, with franchise to publish newspapers, magazines and periodicals and carry on the business of advertising and publicity agents/consultants, and to acquire and dispose advertising time, space, or opportunities in any media. The restoration of independence and direct funding to the newspaper company has allowed it to flourish with new ideas.
Over the years, the company has been led by the following chief executive officers: Alh Mohammed Hassan Kolos (1986-1995); Alh Haruna Kolo (1995-2008); Mal Ibrahim Abdulmalik (January 31, 2008-July 11, 2008); and Mr John Damidami (2008-2014). The current Managing Director of the company was appointed recently by Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, chief servant of Niger State, with effect from February 6, 2015.
Under the new leadership, the company has launched a bilingual digital news medium, Newsline Online, accessible at The online medium seeks to globalise the company’s English and Hausa vernacular editions on one platform, providing marketing and advertising opportunities beyond the circumscription of local or national space.