JERUSALEM 2By Muhammad Ahmad

This whole article has been inspired by the texts of the epic speech ‘Revival of Religion’, delivered by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (AS), Khalifatul-Masih IV in September 1983, at Sydney, Australia.

Today, there is no doubt that there is a serious moral and religious decline across the globe, particularly in the Muslim countries, in fact the World at large and the Muslim Ummah in particular, stands in dire need of a Messiah, because of the prevailing circumstances in which the Muslims find themselves, the deplorable condition and state of the so-called ‘Ulama’ of this era, is glaring enough for all to see. The ‘Ulama’ who are supposed to be guides for the Muslim Ummah, are devoid of moral and spiritual light, as they are grossly engaged in worldly pursuits. Muslims today have lost all the fabrics of their spiritual essence. Also it is clear from the hadeeth and traditions of the Holy Prophet [SAW] that as at the time of the coming of the Messiah and Mahdi, there would be a serious moral and religious decline, amongst Muslims in particular and in the World generally. These declines of the Muslim Ummah are matters of which the Holy Prophet (SAW) had informed us of.

Through divine revelations, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) described the pitiable plight of the Muslim Ummah, in such details as if a view of our era had been unfolded before his eyes. Hence, the prophet’s traditions contain a graphic description of our time. In one of the hadeeth, he described the pitiable state of the latter days Muslims as; “there will be a time that nothing will be left of Islam except its name and nothing will be left of the Qur’an, except its text. The mosque will be filled with people without any guidance. The Ulama will be the worst creatures under the canopy of the sky; every disorderliness will emanate from them and will also return to them.” [Mishkat]

In spite of this gloomy and disheartening picture of the Muslim Ummah in the latter days, painted by the Holy Prophet (SAW) of Islam, he still gave us a glimpse of hope that the religion of Islam will not go into extinction. He reassured us that after all the tribulations and inglorious phase, there will be a new dawn, when the religion of Islam shall once again regain eminence and prominence in the World.

The Holy Prophet remarked; “How can my Ummah be destroyed, when I am at the beginning of it and Isa son of Maryam, is at its end” [ibn Majah].

The questions that might be agitating the minds of many, is how will Isa (AS) come back again? What is actually the essence of the second coming of Jesus Christ? No doubt the second advent of Jesus Christ is linked to the revival of religion, Today, the beliefs of the mainstream Christians and Muslims converge on the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, his ascension into heaven and his descent from heavens in the latter days, before the end of time, which will bring about the ultimate triumph of their respective religions. Although, there are diverse views and opinions on these issues, however, the Christians believe that his return to earth will herald the final ascendancy and the ultimate triumph of Christianity all over the World. Likewise the Muslims belief that Prophet Isa (AS) would descend from Heaven, he will lead a fierce global Jihad, which will ultimately bring about the complete dominance and triumph of the Islamic faith in the World.

According to Biblical and Qur’anic accounts; Prophet Isa (as) was the Messiah to the first Kaleemullah i.e Prophet Musa (AS), sent to save the Jews (children of Israel), hence he was Prophet and a Messiah from amongst the Ummah of Prophet Musa (AS), Prophet Musa (AS) was a great law-giving Prophet and the first Kaleemullah, just like Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the greatest law-giving Prophet and also the second Kaleemullah. Since there was a Messiah i.e. Jesus Christ under the Mosaic dispensation, so also the holy Prophet (SAW) had told us that Almighty Allah would raise another Messiah under the Muhammad dispensation and from amongst his Ummah. Hence the mission and mandate of the Messiah to come, was basically the revival and re-establishment of the true teachings, principles and precepts of Islam, as taught and exemplified by our holy master Muhammad (SAW).

At this juncture, let me clearly state that, the philosophy of the revival of religion presented by the Ahmadiyya community, is that which is in consonance with divine laws, since the creation of the heavens and earth. Although the ages, religion has always been born and revived through divinely appointed prophets and reformers, God Almighty in His infinite wisdom, has always sent His messengers to guide and reform mankind, at appropriate times. Never have ordinary men or scholars, no matter how highly placed they are, reformed religion. In every era, Almighty Allah has taken it upon Himself to appoint and commission His chosen servants, as messengers or reformers, to revive and re-establish His deen. However, such chosen ones are always blessed, guided, inspired, protected and strengthened in the most excellent manner, by Allah, the exalted. In the face of fierce oppositions and persecution, they would preach their message, teach love, inculcate hard work, uprightness and perseverance, through these revolutionary spirits and by divine providence; they once again breathe life into dead nations. This has always been the philosophy behind the revival of religion,

Again an Ummah whose torchbearers (i.e Ulama) are morally and spiritually bankrupted, cannot pull itself out of the quagmire it finds itself nor aspire for spiritual ideals, without divine intervention. The deplorable condition of the so-called ‘Ulama of the Ummah, pre-supposes that they cannot lead the Muslim Ummah out of the woods, since they themselves are devoid of spirituality. So religion has always been revived through reformers and messengers, divinely commissioned, inspired and guided by Almighty Allah, not by ordinary men.

Surely, Allah will raise for this ummah at the beginning of every century someone who will revive religion. (Bukhari)

Therefore, in consonance with such age long tradition, Almighty Allah once again raised and commissioned, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as), as the long awaited Messiah & Mahdi, whose advent had been foretold over 1400 years ago, by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), in so many prophetic traditions. So Allah the Almighty raised him, to once again re-establish and revive the true, peaceful and pristine message of Islam. He was blessed with immense knowledge, foresight, indepth understanding of the Holy Qur’an and was divinely inspired. His arguments were unassailable, irrefutable and heart-piercing. He wrote 88 books, published pamphlets and leaflets in defense of Islam and reputation of other faith. Under divine dictates and guidance, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [as] sets up a true and divinely guided jama’at, invited men from all walks of life. However, the foundation of this unique and spiritual Jama’at, was casted on 23rd of March 1889, when 40 devoted Muslims, took the Ba’iat (oath of allegiance) at the hands of the Messiah and Mahdi, and for over a century now, the Ahmadiyya community has been leading a global concerted effort, to disseminate the true and pristine teachings of Islam.

Alhamdulillah, by the grace and will of Allah, the Ahmadiyya Jama’at has metamorphosed into a potent and dynamic missionary force and has continued to grow from strength to strength, with Mosques, mission centres, schools, healthcare centres and flourishing members in 210 countries of the World.

Allah has decreed, I and my messengers will surely prevail (be successful)… Al-Mujadilah v 22

Often times, people do ask, why the need for another jama’at? Why another new different sect? The answer is simple, ours is a true jama’at founded under the watch and dictates of Almighty Allah, on the basis of righteousness. Furthermore, this unique jama’at of the Messiah has been designed to revive and re-present Islam in its pristine form, as taught and practiced by the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad [SAW]. Therefore, Ahmadiyyat is an ark for spiritual rebirth, character reformation and moral transformation. It’s a vehicle for the purification of hearts and social life, for the cleansing of emotions and thoughts, as well as a means for socio-religious re-engineering, to reawaken the consciousness of the whole world from its deep slumber and reconcile mankind with his creator, this is the essence of Ahmadiyyat.

Remember, no one will ever fall from heaven nor descend from the sky. The second coming of the Messiah Jesus (AS) was simply a metaphoric expression. The reason why the Prophet (SAW) referred to the one to come as Jesus the Messiah, was basically because of the similarities between them, It only meant that the second Messiah will come in the image and likeness of the first Messiah, with similar mission and confronted with similar challenges, to mention just a few (a) they came about 13 centuries after the world’s two great law-giving prophets, i.e. Prophet Musa (AS) & Muhammad (SAW). (b) They both met their people in serious moral and spiritual decadence; they were both rejected by their own people, called imposters & false prophets. (c) They both faced bitter opposition and threats from amongst their own people, and were even dragged to courts. (d) They both led a simple & quite life, preached against violence & warfare, by extolling the virtue of peace. (e) Their respective messages spread far and wide, after they passed away. (f) They both traveled a lot, died in a foreign land.

Our Prayers is, O Allah, O our lord, let your light illuminate the hearts of truth seekers, draw them from darkness into your light and from misconception into true understanding. O Allah guides them, reform them, purify them, enlighten them and grant them solace. O Allah, All praises belongs to you; you are the source of all blessings and beneficence.


Muhammad Ahmad is of

Ahmadiyya Missionary, Nigeria