By Muhammad Ahmad

“Verily you have in the messenger of Allah an excellent model, for him who fears Allah and the last day, and remembers Allah much” (Suratul Ahzab verse 22).

The above verse clearly points out the fact that Muhammad (SAW) is the best model for us to always emulate in anything and everything we do as Muslims. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was a man of distinct moral qualities and excellent character; he was a model area and facet of life. In Mecca, the Prophet(SAW) was subjected to severe persecutions and assaults, likewise his families and followers were ruthlessly tormented and oppressed, during this hard and trying moments, a lot went wrong, yet the great apostle of peace, raised no finger against anyone he condoned everything. The Prophet(SAW) went through severe hostility in conveying the message of Islam, to even recall the descriptions of the assaults and hardship he went through trickles down tears, yet he did not seek any revenge out of  all the wrongs done to him, instead he forgave all his enemies without a single reproach. Indeed he was a perfect model of beauty and character.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a role model of peace, he did not only preach peace, but he practically demonstrated its significance to everyone. He offered freedom of worship to all nations conquered and ruled over by Muslims, he never forced anyone to accept Islam, the Jews in Madina were allowed to practice their faith without hindrances. In fact he wrote letters to different kings and rulers inviting them to accept Islam; he never threatened to go to war with them, if his message was not accepted.

As a teacher, the holy prophet (SAW) was a role model, he taught his companions how to exercise & express their beliefs in the most excellent and rational manner, thereby proving its essence to the people. In contrast to what we see today, the Prophet (SAW) preached peace, love and tolerance; he was humble, cheerful and loving. He did not just preach Islam verbally, rather he also preached Islam through his actions and character, because of his high moral excellence he was able to attract and sway hearts, that even sworn enemies like Khalid bin Waleed (ra), Abu- Sufyan (ra) and many others became devoted and loyal companions.    

Muhammad (SAW) was a model as a reformer; he constantly confronted the ills of the society, with the view of reforming them. The task of reforming a corrupt and degenerated people, like the people of his time, was very challenging, yet he carried on without looking back (i.e. without complaining). As a reformer, he was a crusader and rights activists, he protected and upheld the rights of the poor, the aged, the widows, the orphans and women, no one was oppressed or maltreated under his watch, a philosophy which if applied today, can resolve all our political and socioeconomic problems.

Muhammad (SAW) was a role model as a leader, a leader with all the characteristics and qualities of leadership, he led by example, he was humble and level-headed, ‘the leader is the servant of his people’ (Bukhari) was his slogan. He treated everyone equally regardless of their age, class, wealth or societal status. The great gem in leadership is the power to organize a disorganized society, which he did. He re-united the warring tribes and clans of Arabia, when there was no peace, no unity and no organization, he was able to re-unite and re-organize one of the most degenerated societies. He succeeded in bringing together people from all walks of life under the banner of Islam and made them morally and spiritually sound.

Indeed he was a model as a leader, he ruled like a king, yet he lived a very simple life like a slave, humble before God and men, his humility knew no bounds. He was a true friend in sorrow and difficulties, he was never after his own livelihood and comforts, but ever wakeful to the needs of his people and ever ready to sacrifice everything for his people, as a leader he was most accommodating, considerate and understanding. The holy Prophet (SAW) was a very simple and Godly person; he passed his whole life in lowliness and meekness. He was a gentle and down to earth person; he led a simple and exemplary lifestyle.

Muhammad (SAW) was an excellent model as a husband, he married ladies both much older and much younger than him, yet he treated all his wives equally, none of them was given any special treatment. At a time he had 10 wives under the same roof, from Saudah (ra) to Nana A’isha (ra), they were all given the love and attention they deserved. His unique charms was captivating, as he held them spell bound, as a husband he was most affectionate, caring and compassionate. He showed the world how a young man can marry and live happily with an older wife and also how an old man can live happily with a teen-aged wife. He used to say that; the best amongst you is he who is best to his wife and am best in respect of my wife. (Bukhari & Muslim)

However, the holy Prophet (SAW) fought as a soldier and commanded armies, he fought gallantly in the defence of Islam, and he never waged any offensive war. He had no standing army, but every Muslim was a soldier of Allah when the need arose, without legions of soldiers, yet he was victorious. As a soldier he faced defeat and won victories, dangers and evil perils did not scare or discourage him, nor did his fame and success spoil him, on the battle field he was brave, courageous and tactical.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was truly an excellent model, as he passed through every stage of life and stands unparallel in all fields of virtue. He was a complete possessor of all moral qualities, anyone could ever have. He excelled in all facets of life he stood out as a leader, as a teacher, a husband, a reformer, a friend and as a servant of Allah; he was a perfect model of beauty and benevolence. When Nana A’isha (ra) was asked to shed some light on the prophet’s morals, she simply said; ‘he posses all those moral excellences, which are mentioned in the Qur’an …’ (Bukhari).

Furthermore, at his death he left no material wealth to be inherited, but he has left behind his noble examples and excellent moral qualities, for generations and generations to come, to inherit and emulate. No doubt millions of pure hearted people have graced the earth and many more will come in future, but there is none like Muhammad (SAW). We must all understand that after Almighty Allah, next is Muhammad (SAW) none can ever attain his status, not even the angels in heaven.    

A man who through his being and attribute, actions and character, set an example of perfection. He was a noble leader, an erudite scholar, a prolific teacher, an excellent reformer, a true emancipator, a dogged soldier, a philanthropist and a statesman. Through his prophetic essence, he displayed unique and uncommon spirit of sacrifice, courage, love, perseverance and magnanimity.

Imam Mahdi (as) in a beautiful poem eulogizing the Prophet (SAW) said; By Allah, truly Muhammad is like a vice-gerent & through him alone can one reach God; (Qaseedah 47)

Muhammad Ahmad Mustapha, our immaculate Prophet and most reverend Imam, was indeed a paragon of human virtue; this is a special mark of excellence of a true Prophet of God. So dear brothers and sisters in Islam, let’s all turn to the life of Muhammad (SAW) to copy and follow his noble examples. Again we must not forget to always pray and invoke the blessings of Allah upon him, may the choicest blessings, mercy and peace of Almighty Allah be upon his chosen servant. 

Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin, wa ala ale Muhammadin, wa baarik wa salim innaka hameedan majeed

Muhammad Ahmad

Ahmadiyya Missionary, Nigeria