AKAWUN LOLOBy Akawu Ibrahim

Niger state Governor, Alh Abubakar Sani Bello has said his two weeks in isolation has taught him a lot of lessons.

The governor who spoke with journalists shortly after he paid an unofficial visit to the state House of Assembly, said the two weeks isolation period has provided him the opportunity to look back on personal and official life and prepare for the future.

“I used the two weeks to reflect on my life, on the good and bad things and begged God for forgiveness. I also used the two weeks period to reflect on what is needed in Niger state; and I also used the opportunity to review the sufferings of ordinary man and woman in Niger state and how we can address it even though it is very difficult because it requires a lot of resources,” the governor said in sober mood.

Governor Bello said he was aware of the difficult situation the people were facing, pointing out that the covid-19 pandemic had inflicted heavy blows on the plans he had in 2020 to address most of the challenges bedeviling the state, disclosing further “the economy has been badly hit by covid-19. Schools were closed, ministries were shut, and our projects have been stopped, the economy slumped. That have affected our projections and most of our projects (plans) were affected.”

He said his government was not however discouraged by the situation as it was doing a lot to keep to its promises. He said the administration was now empowering people to help them stand on their feet, saying “we have now started empowering people, supporting small and medium businesses which are making big impact.”

When asked whether the Coranavirus infection was real given that many people were still skeptical, the governor shouted “Coranavirus is real, Coranavirus is real. I want to appeal to everyone to take this matter seriously. Do whatever you can to keep safe. Wear your face coverings,” he warned.

The governor said the state have been conducting 300 to 400 tests everyday as efforts has been up scaled to meet the testing capacity, revealing further that “most times you see zero case or one or two and no fatalities. I think the most serious cases we have was myself and one other person at the initial stage. Please I want to appeal to everyone of you to be very careful.”

He said he was in the house of assembly to thank members of the assembly for the good wishes he had been receiving from them and their constituents during his isolation period adding “and now that I am not in isolation, I think it is perfect I should come and show my appreciation,” he said.

Governor Bello also clarified that he seized the opportunity to discuss other matters that will move the state forward, “you will recall that the budget has been presented in my absence by the deputy governor. We discussed how the budget can be passed in good time for activities to kick-start.”

He said he will work hard to see that lost grounds has been recovered and assured that 2021 will witness a lot of benefits and dividends to the people.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the house committee on information told reporters that the visit shows and also strengthens the cordiality that had been existing between the executive and legislature.

This is the first public appearance and engagement with the press the governor made since he announced last week through his twitter handle that he had contracted covid-19 but was asymptomatic to the infection.