Niger State House of Assembly has directed governor Abubakar Sani Bello to immediately block all passages to articulated heavy duty vehicles and damn the consequences.

The order came after a motion of urgent public importance on worsening roads condition in the state sponsored by member representing Agwara constituency, Hon Bello Ahmad Agwara received popular support from members of the house.

Hon Agwara said the state has become a laughing stock in the country and a subject of jest and mockery because despite contributing hugely to the success of the ruling party at the centre, its roads and security has become desolate.

He said all the major access roads were in a state of disrepair and efforts to fix them have been frustrated by the central government saying “government must rescind its decision to allow articulated heavy vehicles to transit Minna-Bida road”.

He said the earlier closure of the road by the state government had made traffic much easier to small car owners and entrench sanity in the state but with the recent lifting of the blockade, gains made in the reconstruction of the 87km road has been reversed.

The lawmaker said that government must immediately rescind its decision and shutdown the entries into the state for all heavy trucks to allow reconstruction to continue without hindrance.

“Mr Speaker, there is a social media mockery trending right now which said offenders should be made to travel through Niger State as a sentence to capital punishment. This parody Mr Speaker; is real but unacceptable. We need to do something because there is no time”.

“If you go to other states Mr Speaker, there are federal government projects either completed or ongoing. Here we are being neglected and forgotten. The southern part has been enjoying massive infrastructural development. We here in the state, our roads abandoned, Baro Port abandoned, HYPPADEC abandoned. Ah ah… What offense have we committed”, the lawmaker bemoaned.

Contributing to the debate, members called on the governor to totally shutdown all the roads leading to the state and damn whatever consequences or pressures that may arise as long as it was for the interest of the state.

The majority leader, Hon. Mohammad Abba Bala (Borgu) said the state assembly will remain solidly behind the governor on this issue and urge him not to falter in his resolve to consider the interest of the state above any other powers.

While Hon Malik Madaki Bosso, member representing Bosso constituency said no people get what they want easily without fighting for it. He said in an environment of intense competition, only the strong hearted survives.

He said the people must rise up to fight for what they want and not just wait for a chance to happen. He enjoined the executive arm to mobilize the people and do the needful by saving what is left for the state.