Dear Sir,

I will like to congratulate our amiable and simple-minded governor of Niger State, Alh (Dr) AbubakarSani Bello, for his victory at the Niger State Election Petition Tribunal, which recently passed judgement in his favour. It is a victory well-deserved, because the tribunal’s judgement showed that the PDP suit seeking to nullify his election was vexatious, unnecessary, and intended to embarrass the governor, his family, and his political supporters. Indeed, in the so-called desire to seek justice, the PDP attempted to insult and embarrass the entire Niger State, the political space over which the governor has mandate. The fact is that the PDP failed woefully in the last election in the state, and by bringing issues of certificates against the governor and his deputy, the petitioners were seeking to come to Government House through the backdoor. Indeed, the suit showed desperation to acquire power at all cost; rather than prove issues of rigging, that they were the legitimate winners of 2019 gubernatorial election in the state they were bringing up trumped-up charges, that existed only in their imagination. Since they could not win the vote, they wanted to win through technical grounds, namely that the governor and his deputy lacked necessary academic qualification to be in Government House. True democrats fight in the electoral field, where they test their popularity and acceptance, not in the court, where they seek to win through legal technicalities; that is what happens in Europe and America. Once election is fought and won, contestants don’t resort to backdoor tactics to try to come to power; that makes nonsense of the popular mandate given by the people. Politicians who lose election should have the guts to accept their fate and congratulate the victor, and not belly-ache and rush to the court with unfounded allegations.

I want to commend the governor for his humility and gallantry, in the face of victory. He has managed himself well in this hour of triumph. Unlike some, he was not arrogant; instead, he asked his opponents and complainants to join him in the task of building Niger Sate, which has suffered from the throes of neglect and underdevelopment for decades. I hope the PDP and others will accept his patriotic call and join his administration, at least if not by participating in the government, at least by offering himconstructive advice and support so that he can succeed. They should not try to pull him down, by actions or criticisms, simply because they are in opposition. After all, if the governor succeeds in office, it will be to the ultimate benefit of all Nigerlites, irrespective of their political colour.

This needless suit has already cost the state a lot in terms of development; it has delayed the delivery of the state budget, which is a fundamental document guiding development and the delivery of political manifesto and social services, including the formation of the state cabinet, the engine room of government. And there is so much waiting to be done by the governor, which had been affected by the suit: The reconstruction of Minna-Bida road, the equipping of IBB University, Lapai with a teaching hospital, the development of mining city at Katcha, the construction of Suleja trailer park, the digitization of Radio Niger, etc . With the delivery of judgement in favour of the government, we hope the governor will make haste and form his cabinet. There is so much work to be done to move the state to the Next Level, and this can only be done by appointing men and women to cabinet positions where they can assist him in delivering the promises he made to Nigerlites during the campaigns. Now that that vexatious suit is out of the way, he should delay no more.

 By Abdulkareem Yan-Ndawuya, Soje ‘B’ ward, Kpakungu ,

Minna, Niger State.