Dear Sir,

 I will like to use this medium to appeal to the National Assembly, including all the state legislatures to cancel what is popularly known as ‘constituency projects’.  The job of the legislators is to make laws for the good governance of Nigeria, not to execute or run projects. By running parallel projects, they are performing the role of the executive arm of government, thus contradicting the doctrine of separation of powers in a democracy.

 During campaigns, aspiring representatives/legislators should not make promises of delivering tangible things, such as building of schools, clinics, etc to the people, because they have no mandate to do so; what they should do is make promises to institute, amend, or scrap laws, where necessary, especially if they affect the people negatively. This is their core mandate, including, of course, the oversight function, which is investigative or supervisory. Legislators executing projects is a misnomer in a democracy; it is pure dabbling in executive responsibility. Legislators should impress it on their electorate/constituency what their core functions are, and how by legislation or oversight the lot of the common can be improved upon.

Furthermore, I will like to say that so-called constituency projects have become avenues for amassing ill-gotten wealth. Funds voted for constituency projects have never been well-used; they were sometimes diverted for private use. Therefore, I will like to suggest that constituency projects should be abolished in furtherance of the doctrine of separation of powers and for effective application of funds for development.

 By Sani Mohammed Saba, Masaba or Ceniya ward, Bida, Niger State.