By Muhammad Hadi


Over 3,291Niger State Pilgrims Performing this year’s Hajj were moved from Makkah to the pilgrims tents in Mina after spending the required night at the tents. From there, they moved down to the plains of Arafat to fulfill the major act of the Pilgrimage which is spending the whole day in supplication from down to sunset.

The movement which started before midnight on Sunday was successfully completed before midday.

The Acting Executive Secretary of the Niger State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Alh. Umar Makun Lapai, was seen after midnight supervising the ferrying of the Pilgrims into buses transiting to Arafat. Niger Pilgrims joined their counterparts from all over the globe to perform this all important religious exercise.

Alh. Makun enjoined all Pilgrims to keep supplicating
day and night and glorifying Allah SWT at the Mount Arafat which is the peak of the Hajj exercise.

Pilgrims are expected to devote themselves to all practicable acts of worship, which included supplications, glorifying Allah and asking for His bounties, favours and blessings; and also pray for the peace and tranquility of our state and the nation in general.

The Acting ES finally urged all Pilgrims of the state to take maximum advantage of this opportunity to get closer to their creator to Pray for the state, families, loved ones. And also Nigeria to overcome all the security and socioeconomic challenges, and for Allah to lead our leaders at all levels aright; and give them the wisdom to serve with the fear of Allah.