By Muhammad Hadi

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Dr Farooq Umar

Muslim ummah in Niger State have been enjoined to uphold the tenets of their religion and believe in the oneness of Allah (SWT), and to distant themselves from ascribing partners to Him through magic and cultism.

The exhortation was contained in a communiqué issued at the end of Nupe Ramadan Tafsir presided over by Dr Umar Farooq Abdullahi, Director General, Niger State Bureau of Religious Affairs on Sunday, last week.

The communiqué further urged Muslim faithful to imbibe the spirit of constant prayers, even after the month of Ramadan, because prayer was described as the sword of true believers in the Qur’an

It further appreciated efforts of the citizens, state and federal government in the fight against insecurity, as well as enjoined people to shun acts of violence and other socio-economic vices.

The communiqué further called on the ummah for continued unity despite their differences in sects and religion; which are based on different perception and interpretation.

It urged the business class to have mercy on the generality of the masses and humanity in general by avoiding inflating the prices of items before, during and after Ramadan.

Dr Farooq Umar equally called on parents to cater for the needs of their children by giving them proper training in order to prevent them from street begging.

He reiterated that, parents should ensure the full immunization of their children against communicable diseases, as he urged

the civil servants and political appointees to support the effort of government at all levels in the implementation of people -oriented policies and programmes.