By George Daniya


Governor Abubakar Sani Bello

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has said that the general attitude of the people is a hindrance towards the development of the state.

Governor Bello disclosed this during ‘Democracy Day’ media interaction with journalists at the Government House, Minna, Tuesday.

“Our general attitude is the major problem, and unless we all decided that we need to move our state forward, not much can be achieved,” he said.

He said that those in position of responsibilities must do their beat.

According to him, there was a lot of expectation from All Progressives Congress (APC), as many people were disenchanted with the governance of the past administration. “The only way we can survive is to change the way of doing business, reduce our taste, be very prudent in our spending, and to see how we can block leakages.

“Our financial prudence is to spend on what was necessary”, he said.

He said that some people expected an immediate change in their life, whereas the main change that only a few realized was the attitudinal change of the people, which was necessary for progress.”

“There were a lot of expectations in 2015, especially when we say change. That change; a lot of people saw the change as the change in doing business from PDP to APC, and some saw that change as their lives will change automatically in one day. Very few people realized that change was to be attitudinal change”.

He said that during their campaigns, they were careful not to make promises to the people, because they have got an insight into the depth of the problems they were inheriting.

The governor added that, when they took over, they had health, infrastructural development, youth and women empowerment, water provision and education as their priority.

He said that they met a lot of wraths as if governments have never existed in the state before.

Governor Bello said that the first few months he came into government, the recession had already set in, and he had to go borrowing to ensure that he paid civil servants and carry out other activities.

“My first month, I got under two billion naira, and I wanted to pay salary. I wanted to prove a point that civil servants must take their salary. So what I did even before the bailout, I went running to our bankers to beg them.

“The first change and the first priority I took exception to was that, we didn’t owe salary because then, I noticed a lot of states were owing salaries”, he said.

He said, moving the state forward needs collective efforts, as such implored all stakeholders to be part of the rebranding of the state.

The governor commended the media for the role in moving the state forward, charging them to do more, even though he realized that they too have their own limitations.

He said the media should do more by exposing and reporting shabby businesses, or where they discovered wrath in the system, in order to ensure good governance, identifying them as partners in progress.