By George Daniya


An assiduous effort is being intensified by the Niger State government to end the acute perennial water scarcity that had bedevilled major twons of the state in recent time.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello disclosed this during the “Democracy Day” media hangout with the governor and journalists in the state held at the Government House, Minna, Tuesday.

“For me, it was unacceptable that a whole city like Minna, a whole state capital, could not have water. As it is right now, we have spent a lot of money on water, we are still working on water and I hope that any moment from now, we will make serious progress”, he stated.

Governor Bello said that in the past three years, his administration has sunk a lot of money to ensure that water provision is stable in the state, but still, the problem was lingering.

“As at today, we have ordered from Germany not less than 60 pumps for Minna, Kontagora, Bida and Suleja costing over N2billion.

“Three years down the lane, we are still struggling with water, we are spending a lot of money; we have drilled a lot of boreholes. We have completed some water projects embarked upon by the Kure’s administration”, he said.

He said to show the seriousness in revamping the water sector in order to end the scarcity, he directed for the purchase of new equipment,  which  installations have commenced in the major cities with Minna taking the lead as the state capital.

“If we are serious with water, lets do a complete turn-around and put everything brand new, so that when it spoils, we know where the problem is. And as at now, we have ordered all the pumps, the valves, we have installed some in Minna and water is being seen in some parts of Minna, even though not frequent”, he said.

According to him, he was against the system of recoiling pumps, as they were beneficial to certain persons which he said,  should be put to an end.

“I refuse to agree with the system of recoiling pumps. You know why? I know, because that system is beneficial to some, and I said I won’t do bit measures”, he declared.

He added that the problem associated with Minna and Suleja water problem was enormous, as not less N50billion was required to fix them.

The governor said that Minna and Suleja have expanded rapidly with a corresponding population growth which has now gone beyond the initial reticulation carried out.

Governor Bello said that discussions were on with a private firm to fund the N50b reticulation of Minna and Sukeja which will include metres and pumps installation so that they can recover  their money over a specified period of time.

Speaking on other infrastructures in the state, especially schools, the governor lamented how boarding schools were left in ruins as no government had ever existed in the state.

He added that, out of the 40 boarding schools, nine have been fixed with each of them costing not less than N500m, while some went as far as N600m.

He said that his administration will do its own part to renovate the schools with the hope that where he stops, the next administration that takes over from him will continue.

The governor said that he has also executed electrification in over 30 communities, as well as the provision of quite a chunk number of transformers.