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Member representing Agwara Constituency in the Niger State House of Assembly, Hon. Bello Ahmed Agwara has said that the present crop of local government councils’ leadership in the state is nothing to write home about.
Hon. Bello Agwara made this disclosure during the lunching of a book titled; ‘The Role of Local Government in National Development’ authored by Comrade Ibrahim Aliyu Tungan Wawa, held at Abdulsalam Abubakar Youth Centre, Minna.
He said the present local government councils’ leaders instead of working towards the development of their respective local government; are busy traveling around the world and promoting their businesses with tax payers’ money.
Hon. Bello Agwara said most council leaders were uneducated and as such doesn’t know their functions as representatives of the people at the third tear of government, adding that the local government was supposed to be the bedrock of development of every state, but that it was unfortunate that what we are witnessing in the state was nothing to write home about.
“We know that the local government should be the grassroot for development at all tears of government, but what we are witnessing today, sincerely speaking is nothing that one can write home about.
“I asked a very pertinent question that where are the 25 chairmen of our local governments? Some of them were busy promoting their personal businesses with the tax payer’s money and this is the painful part of it.
“Some of them are rifrats been elected under the canopy of APC, they are ripping that benefit and have forgotten the constitutional responsibility of being an elected chairman of local government council and that is why they have no value for this kind of occasion and that is why they are not here,” explained Hon. Bello Agwara.
He said there was the need to educate the electorates at the grassroots so that they would know the kind of leaders to elect as representatives, and not to elect somebody who will use the resources meant for his local government for his own personal gain, adding that some of the councils leaders can neither read nor right and what would one expect from such leaders.
Hon. Bello Agwara also revealed that even with the introduction of partial financial autonomy by the present administration in the state, some of the local government have enough resources but they don’t know what to do with it because the leadership of such local government have no initiatives of what to do as a council.
He further stated that the lack of development at the grassroots was as a result of lack of political will on the part of local government chairmen, adding that even when given full autonomy the lack of political will would still hinder development at the grassroots.
Hon. Bello Agwara explained that they a times criticize the system not because they were enemies but because they want the system to be the best it can be.
Similarly, Gen. Suleiman Sa’eed observed that the development of any community should be from the grassroot, saying if we want national development we must go back to the good old days where local governments were key to national development.
He also observed with dismay that the local government chairmen were the ones doing the work of everyone in their council, adding that everyone should do his job and must be trained and given the resources to effectively discharge their duty. He also added that we must elect the right people into positions if we must develop.