The last batch of Muslim pilgrims from Niger State will leave Mediinah today for Mecca for the performance of Hajj rites.
The group, which arrived in two batches, comprised state government officials and pilgrims from Bida and Suleja.
The government delegation arrived Sunday, one day after the local government contingents arrived. This completes the airlift of pilgrims to this year’s Hajj from the state.
After they settled into various hotels in the vicinity of Prophet Muhammed’s mosque, they immediately proceeded to the mosque, where they said two nafilat prayers, after which they visited the graves of the holy prophet of Islam and Caliph Abubakar Sadiq and Umar Farouk to pay tributes and respect.
Yesterday, they continued their visitations to holy sites, such as Masjid Qubah, where they said two nafilat prayers, and Uhud, where, according to an Islamic scholar and Niger State official pilgrims’ guide, Sheikh Abubakar Gidado, a relatively small Muslim army defeated a massive pagan adversary.
The Islamic scholar underscored the significance of the visit to the Masjid Qubah, saying that the holy prophet of Islam often rode on horseback every Wednesday to pray at the mosque and that the prophet assured pilgrims, who worshipped there that they would receive reward equivalent to the performance of Umrah.
The last batch of pilgrims from will perform umrah rites, which precede hajj activities, as soon as they arrived Mecca. They will join other Hajj contingents from the state in particular and the world in general.
Reported by Ndama Abubakar, Managing Director, Newsline Newspapers, in Medinah.