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By Ndagi Abdullahi

I met a Chinese diplomate on the flight from Lagos to Abuja. He fell in love with me when he learnt I am a Nupe woman.


Three days later Wang Lei called and asked me out to a Chinese restaurant along Maitama. At the restaurant he said he was with the Chinese embassy in Abuja.


I eventually fell in love, madly in love, with Wang Lei.


Apart from his wealth and generosity Wang Lei was also a very jovial man with a great sense of humour.


The day Michael Jackson died on the 25th of June 2009 we were at a restaurant. Based on the report of the CNN I blamed Dr Conrad Murray for Michael Jackson’s death.


But Wan Lei laughed at my naivety and told me that Michael Jackson was killed by the CIA. He went further in his jocular manner to tell me that the CIA used witchcraft to kill Michael Jackson.


To add to Wang Lei’s joke I said in a jocular form that the CIA will need to come to learn witchcraft from my Nupe people.


I told Wang Lei that the Nupe people are the most spiritual people in Nigeria and that the NupeBoci spiritualists can perform wonders, miracles and the impossible.


The next day Wang Lei asked if I can take him to any NupeBoci spiritualist to prove my point.


Three days later we left Abuja to Dantsun where we met BociKankuru. Wang Lei in his jocular manner asked BociKankuru if he could take him to Mungo Park whose spirit is said to be living inside an invisible city here in KinNupe.


A truly supreme Boci spiritualist Kankuru confirmed, to my further shock, that Mungo Park is still alive as a Fara ghost and that he can take us to see Mungo Park physically.


But when we came back to the village three days later we received another shock; Kankuru had been kidnapped three days earlier by unknown men when he went into the bush for his regular spiritual seclusion.


We came back to Abuja sad.


A day later Wang Lei suddenly left for China for a brief visit.


Out of lovesickness I began to have bizarre dreams.


I saw myself lost in the vast wilderness that traverses the Bokani-Wushishi-Zungeru-Kontagora axis.


The plain was so vast it stretches into the horizon in all directions like a desert. I was terrified as I walked aimlessly in the vast plain, looking for a way out.


I woke up scared stiff.


Then the nightmarish dream began to appear in my siesta during the daytime.


That was when the incredible began; I began to have daydreams of the same nightmare of me lost in the Bokani-Zungeru plains.


With days the daydream began to assume such realistic dimensions that I began to have problem discerning which is the real world, this world or the dream world. With the frequent bouts of this daydreaming I spend half the day in the world of the vast plain and half in this world.


One day as I wandered about the vast plain in my daydream a group of heavily armed Chinese commandoes suddenly appeared from nowhere and abducted me. They they dragged me to the center of the vast plain where I found, to my utter surprise, the supreme BociKankuru being also held by a detachment of Chinese commandoes.


Pulling their guns to BociKankuru’s head they forced him to recite a Nupe spiritual formula that suddenly transformed the vast plain into a gigantic city, the largest metropolis I have ever seen in my life.


We were all standing right at the entrance of the tallest building I have ever seen in my life. So tall was the building that half of it disappeared into the clouds.


With the Chinese commandoes’ guns to his head BociKankuru led the way into the nebulous building as he explained to me that this gigantic building of a city is the famous Tower of Babel mentioned in the Bible and that the vast plains of Bokani-Wushishi-Zungeru-Kontagora is the Plains of Shinar referred to in the Book of Genesis.


The Tower of Babel is located here in Central KinNupe as an invisible city accessible only to the Boci spiritualists who have the ‘sesame’ spiritual key to locks of its city gates.


With a billion or so of inhabitants this Tower of Babel city is a technologically advanced city far above anything modern mankind or Western civilization has ever seen or dreamt of.


As we enter the city a giant living machine came and scooped all of us handing us over a distance of some three kilometers to a gigantic amphitheatre to the center of which we were delivered.


And you can imagine my shock as I saw Wang Lei at the centre of the amphitheatre standing over the famous Ark of the Covenant carried around the Sinai desert by the ancient Israelites of the Old Testament.


Wang Lei laughed at me with a smirk as he ordered the Chinese commandoes to tie me and prepared me for a human sacrifice he is going to offer to the gods of Tsoede the Founder of Nupe and the discoverer of the invisible city of the Tower of Babel here in the vast plains of Central KinNupe.


“You were so naïve to believe that I was in love with you,” Wang Lei was telling me as he laughed at me. “The truth is that I am a spy sent by the 3PLA Chinese secret agency to come to Nigeria and find a Nupe lady with a reptilian bloodline that could be used to locate the primordial city of the Tower of Babel.”


I almost slumped out of sheer shock.


“Nupe women have the highest concentration of reptilian blood in the world. That makes you perfect for a sacrifice to activate the prehistoric content of the Ark of the Covenant.” Wang Lei continue.


“The Ark of the Covenant contains the Table of the Sun the ultimate spiritual power of the world. This is what Mungo Park came looking for in KinNupe.


“You people are so stupid to believe that Mungo Park came here looking for the course of the River Niger or that he died on the River Niger.


“Mungo Park came looking for the City of the gods Tower of Babel built by Nimrod here in Central KinNupe millions of years ago. The Tower of Babel was not destroyed by God, it was simply rendered invisible. It was discovered by Tsoede the Founder of Nupe. Tsoede could not remake it visible and any person that comes to live in the city becomes invisible.


“Ever since then it has become the city of the ghosts – supermen who were killed by spiritualism or who decided to commit spiritual suicide in order to gain access into this golden city of the gods. That was how Mungo Park gained access into this city and even got possession of the Ark of the Covenant. But he could not carry it out of the city because he didn’t know that a Nupe lady with a reptilian bloodline must be sacrificed before one can take the Ark of the Covenant out of this invisible city. Mungo Park has been trapped inside this city ever since then.”


BociKankuru, standing as a captive beside me, pointed to a White man among the crowd on the steps of the amphitheater and told me that that was Mungo Park.


Wang Lei pointed at another White man among the crowd and told me that that was President John F. Kennedy. “Kennedy was killed by the CIA using Nupe witchcraft, that is why the mystery surrounding his assassination has not been conclusively resolved to this very day,” Wang Lei added.


“Yes, in the 1960s the CIA dabbled into Nupe witchcraft and even wrote a manual booklet for CIA agents on Nupe spiritualism. It was the spiritual instructions in that booklet that were used to kill John F. Kennedy.”


Wang Lei then pointed out others among the crowd including Michael Jackson, Tupac, CheGuevera, Patrice Lumumba, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, and others. “They were all killed by the CIA using Nupewitchcraft ,” he explained. “Now all of them are here in this Nupe city of the gods as Fara ghost gods.”


Wang Lei explained further that ever since the 1960s the CIA and FBI have secretly pumped billions into spiritual researches especially into Nupe spiritualism. He said that the world is now going spiritualism after realizing the fault and futility of materialism.


Wang Lei said that the Chinese secret service has also embarked on the spiritual warfare and is doing all it could to beat the Americans. That is why he is now in the city of the gods to take away the Ark of the Covenant using my Nupe reptilian bloodline to unlock the powers of the Table of the Sun cremated by Biblical Patriarch Moses inside the Ark of the Covenant. With this power the Chinese will beat the Americans hands down in the forthcoming spiritual warfare of Armageddon.


With the guns of his Chinese commandoes to BociKankuru’s head Wang Lei ordered Kankuru to open the cover of the Ark of the Covenant. As BociKankuru opened the Ark he told me in Nupe to close my eyes and to turn my face away from the Ark.


BociKankuru recited some ancient Nupe panegyrics as he opened the Ark while Wang Lei and his heavily armed commandoes looked on. I closed my eyes tightly.


I learnt later on that some angels of light came out of the Ark and not only blinded but also destroyed Wang Lei and his commandoes who didn’t close their eyes but looked directly at the angels of light. No human eyes physically see an angel and lives afterwards.


After the destruction and death of Wang Lei and his Chinese commandoes BociKankuru returned the Ark of the Covenant to Mungo Park and other Fara ghosts citizens of the golden city of the Tower of Babel.


I briefly discussed with Tupac and Michael Jackson both of whom confirmed to me that they were killed by the CIA through witchcraft.


Afterwards BociKankuru performed some spiritual rituals and led me out of the Invisible Tower of Babel back to this normal world.


I woke up from my daydream!