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By Ndagi Abdullahi

I am the typical restless Black American who will not accept the racism of White America. Born into a family with strong Black Movement roots, I inherently felt betrayed by White America right from early youth.

I spent my early life digging deep into true African culture and ended up with Voodoo and Santeria as the Black man’s religion. So I left the USA for Latin America to be fully initiated into Voodoo.

But in Latin America I learnt that Voodoo itself originated from the Yoruba religion of Ifa. So, I left Latin America for Yoruba land in Nigeria.

In Yoruba land, however, I discovered that the Yoruba religion of Ifa itself originated from the Nupe religion of Eba or Ebasan.

I left Yoruba land and came to KinNupe.

In KinNupe I did met those in possession of the pristine spiritualism of Eba or Ebasan . They were mostly Boci spiritualists found in remote and backwoods villages.

It was in the remote Nupe village of Bodongi that I trained as a Nupe spiritualist under a powerful Boci known as Gborigi Lazhi. He was a specialist in Farakun or the ancient Nupe spiritual science of mind-control as it applies to witchcraft engendered ghosts.

Gborigi Lazhi will jocularly tell me that if I ever wanted to be a world emperor, he could use the Nupe science of Farakun to provide me with millions upon millions of undying ghosts to conquer world armies for me. To me that was farfetched. But there is no limit to what Gborigi Lazhi can do as a spiritulaist.

So I finally found the original and most potent spiritualism of mankind, Eba or Ebasan, among the Nupe people who are ironically busy practicing religions in a desperate thirst for spiritual vigor. Nowhere is this lack of spiritualism amongst religious people more evident than in the Nupe capitals of Bida, Agaie, Patigi, and Lafiagi.

They have skillfully syncretized Islamic practices with traditional Nupe spiritualism such that there is hardly any difference between a ‘Boci traditional spiritualist’ and a ‘Man Islamic scholar’ except in name.

But the same Bida is brimming with puritanical fundamentalists to whom Islamic extremism was a normal way of life. These Islamic extremists have zero tolerance neither for Nupe traditional spiritualism nor for Western or American modernism.

But in their extremist hatred for American westernization they had something in common with me.

That was how I became popular among the various Islamic fundamentalist groups in Bida. And, one day, someone suggested to me that I could make a good Boko Haram member because of my intense hatred for Americanism.

That was when I learnt that the Boko Haram members are not necessarily Islamists or even Muslims, they are merely West-hating mercenaries hiding under the banner of an ambiguous ‘Jihadist’ movement.

I eventually joined the Boko Haram fighters first at Maiduguri and later at Sambisa forest.

At Sambisa I was shocked to discover that the popular image of Boko Haram as painted by the Nigerian and Western media is completely false. The true Boko Haram I saw at Sambisa has nothing to do with Islam or religion at all. Apart from the regular ‘Jihadists’, at Sambisa there were also mercenaries or soldiers of fortune from Mali and Ghaddafi’s collapsed Libya; and even British MI6 and Israeli Mossad secret agents.

They said I don’t need to be a Muslim to be a Boko Haram member – over 50% of the Boko Haram fighters at Sambisa were not Muslims. And the Muslims among them know nothing about Islam; they don’t even say their five daily prayers.

I immediately learnt that Boko Haram is more or less a secret operation of the Western powers.

So, I decided to leave Sambisa and was so excited when I learnt that the ISIS, to which Boko Haram was affiliated, had shown interest in my joining them at their capital city of Raqqa in Syria. ISIS saw in me the Ultimate Terrorist – the ‘Anti-American American’!

Using my American passport I easily left Nigeria for Turkey disguised as an international tourist. It was from Turkey that ISIS agents smuggled me across the border into rebel-held part of Syria.

Soon I was active as an ISIS member in Syria. Just like Boko Haram, I didn’t have to be a Muslim to be an ISIS ‘Jihadist’. My Ebasan Nupe spiritual powers immediately made me popular among the ISIS fighters. I was providing them with spiritual talismans and charms that made them invincible against firearms.

No gun, bomb or physical weapon could kill or even harm me. So, the ISIS head commanders will always request me to head all major operations against the enemies.

On the 9th of March, 2016, Russian fighter jets started bombarding the city of Tadmur while the Syrian Army initiated the ‘Palmyra Offensive’ to retake Palmyra from ISIS. On the 17th I was heading a battalion of ISIS fighters when we discovered a Russian undercover military officer stranded behind enemy lines.

I led my troops to capture the cornered Russian officer. I walked over to the Russian and grabbed him by the arm as he was shocked to discover that I was impervious to the bullets from his guns.

As I pulled the captured Russian towards my battalion he told me that his name is Alexander Prokhorenko. I asked him why are the Russians helping America to fight ISIS.

But I received the shock of my life when Alexander Prokhorenko told me that I have been double-crossed by the ISIS high command because ISIS is itself a CIA coded-operation.

He said the Russians are fighting ISIS because they knew ISIS is American!

It was after my battalion of ISIS fighters, numbering over five hundred fighters, had surrounded me and the Russian officer that we discovered too late that he had revealed our coordinates to Russian bombers and have asked them to bomb all of us, including himself, to death.

Seconds later Russian fighter jets appeared above us and bombed everybody to death – except me. I didn’t die because of my Nupe spiritual charms I received from Gborigi Lazhi back in the remote Nupe village of Bodongi.

It was a tragic loss for ISIS – over five hundred ISIS fighters killed at once.

But I was troubled by what the late Russian told me, that ISIS is a CIA secret operation and that I have been double-crossed by the ISIS high command.

The Russians and the Syrian Arab Army continued with their onslaught and captured the Palmyra Province from us, ISIS, on the 27th of March.

Back in Raqqa I began to doubt everything about ISIS.

I, however, couldn’t make much headway in my secret investigations on ISIS until the last days of the Obama Administration. As the Obama Administration drew to an end ISIS began to suffer unexpected and fatal defeats one after the other.

When Donald Trump came to power he made it clear that ISIS was a creation of the Obama Administration and that he, Trump, will have nothing to do with ISIS other than to crush ISIS.

That was how ISIS began to lose vast territories in Iraq and Syria in the final weeks of 2016 and the earlier weeks of 2017.

One day Abubakar Al-Baghdadi called me to a secret, high-level meeting of just five of the most senior ISIS leaders. It was at that meeting that I saw a Black African man whom Al-Baghdadi introduced to me as the true leader of ISIS. They call him the ‘Invisible Sheikh’ or the ‘Black Caliph’.

The Black Caliph gave me a further shock when he introduced himself to me as a Nupeman called ‘Ndakotsu’.

Caliph Ndakotsu’s story is a very intriguing one. He was a fundamentalist Islamist born to Nupe parents in Kaduna and was the brain behind the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement at ABU Zaria which El-Zakzaky later on hijacked and transformed from a Sunni movement into a Shia movement.

The row with El-Zakzaky made Ndakotsu relocated, after graduation from ABU Zaria, from Kaduna to his hometown of Bida. In Bida he continued with the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the late 1980s.

But CIA agents masquerading as Islamist fundamentalists came to Bida and secretly recruited Ndakotsu into a CIA agent. The CIA promised him they will provide him with all the money and power to set up an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

Ndakotsu was with the Afghan Taliban, the Al-Qaeda and finally with the ISIS, all the while serving as an undercover CIA agent in all these Islamic groups.

The CIA promised Ndakotsu they will establish for him the Islamic State of ISIS if he can help the CIA overthrow President Assad of Syria.

So the CIA pumped all money and security cover for the ragtag collection of ISIS youth until ISIS became so powerful that it conquered vast territories in Iraq and Syria.

But in the end Vladimir Putin brought in the Russians on the side of Assad and the Americans ran away and left ISIS to its fate.

Now a befuddled Caliph Ndakotsu is asking me for a way out in these desperate days of the fall of ISIS. He said though he is Nupe he had never believed in Nupe Spiritualism but now that he is ready to hold on to any straw, he is asking me to use my Nupe Spiritualism powers to save ISIS against the Americans.

I told Caliph Ndakotsu and the five other high ranking ISIS leaders that I know a man who can provide us with millions of soldiers who cannot be killed by American bullets and bombs.

The startled ISIS leaders asked me incredulously what type of technology and soldiers are impervious to American bullets and bombs.

I looked straight into Caliph Ndakotsu’s eyes and mentioned the name ‘GborigiLazhi’!

GborigiLazhi the Farakun specialist Nupe spiritualists from Bodongi village who has at his disposal a Nupe spiritual technology that can marshal millions of Fara ghost soldiers who cannot be killed by American soldiers because as ghosts they are already dead!