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By Ndagi Abdullahi

I was a leading scientist working with the Russian company Tyazhpromexport, TPE, building the Ajaokuta Steel Mill in Nigeria in the 1970s.

In Nigeria I fell in love with an American scientist called Dr. Edith.

The Americans were also interested in Ajaokuta but General Yakubu Gowon awarded the project to the Russians.

One day Dr. Edith was found dead and the Americans accused me of killing her.

I was arrested and deported back to Russia where I was imprisoned for over six years.

But in the end Soviet interrogators verified I didn’t kill Dr. Edith. 

Upon release from prison I went down to Nigeria. 

Every day at Lokoja I will go to sob at Dr. Edith’s tombstone at the Colonial Cemetry on Mount Pati. One day the funeral director called me aside and told me that nobody was buried inside that tomb.

Sensing my utter shock the funeral director, an old British man, said he is aware of when I was accused of murdering Dr. Edith back in 1977.

The old British man said he once overheard Nigerian intelligence operatives saying that ‘Dr. Edith’ was not her real name and that ‘Edith’ was a code name of an ultra secret operation by the CIA at the Nigerian town of Ajaokuta. 

The Nigerian SSS operatives said her real name was Pamela Morgan.

The funeral director told me that Dr. Pamela Morgan, a White American woman, was a well known mysticism disciple of SagiWoshi the high priestess of Nupe spiritualism at the Bassange town of Gboloko.

I immediately asked to be taken to SagiWoshi. The Sagi said Dr. Pamela was an initiate of the ancient Nupe Iron Cult of Nnagunnu.

The Sagi said she knew what Operation Edith was all about but that she cannot tell me unless I am ready to be initiated into the Nupe Iron Cult of Nnagunnu.

I agreed and was initiated.

Then the Sagi told me that in seven days I will receive the answer to my questions on Operation Edith.

On the seventh day I waited anxiously at my hotel room in Lokoja. But instead it was two KGB operatives from the Russian embassy in Lagos that barged into my hotel room at gunpoint and arrested me.

They drove me to the ruins of the colonial quarters of Lord Frederick Lugard on Mount Pati, Lokoja, and asked me to walk into the bush with my hands over my head execution style. As I walked into the bush with my back to the watching KGB agents I knew they will shoot me dead…

… But the KGB agents didn’t shoot me. Instead I saw myself walking into the hands of a squad of MI6 agents waiting with guns pointed at me at the other side of the Colonial quarters. 

The MI6 agents drove me down to Lagos where I was put on a waiting flight to London.

From London I was taken to a huge castle secluded somewhere in the backwoods of Scotland. I was ushered into a gigantic cathedral with a floor chequered with white and black tiles where I saw myself standing before a congregation of some of the richest and most powerful men and women in the world.

The entire congregation was dressed in black academic gowns complete with black mortars emblazoned with strange occult and witchcraft symbols.

“Welcome to the world of Freemasonry,” a master of ceremony ushered me before the congregation. 

The MC explained to both me and the congregation that when I accepted to be initiated by the BassangeSagi witchdoctor into the ancient Nupe Cult of Iron in Gboloko in Nigeria I didn’t know that I was being initiated into World Freemasonry right there in Gboloko.

I was dumbfounded, what has Nupe secret cultism got to do with Freemasonry?

The MC launched into a lecture. That modern European Freemasonry is nothing but a European adaptation of an ancient African religion that originated in KinNupe, Nigeria, as the religion of Sara several thousands of years ago.


That this same ancient Nupe religion of Sara, which is still to be found among the witchdoctors and spiritualists in the villages of KinNupe, is what all the European explorers and missionaries came looking for in KinNupe during the European Age of Discovery. People like Mungo Park, Captain Hugh Clapperton and the Lander brothers all came to KinNupe looking for the ancient Nupe spiritualism of Sara otherwise known as the Tabula Sara or Tabula Rasa or the Table of the Sun.

The MC then turned to me and explained Operation Edith to me in the following words:

In the late 1950s, a team of American scientists discovered an all-permeating fluid in the form of a metallic element they call Vril; it has periodic table properties, including S-Ray or spiritual energy, that made it a thousand times better than iron. 

Vril exists as a trace element in all parts of the world except in Ajaokuta and Central KinNupe where the Americans secretly discovered it exists in endless amounts beneath the earth.

Vril has the revolutionary potential of replacing not only petroleum but also iron as the basis of the modern military-industrial complex of Western civilization. In other words Vril can replace Western Civilization with a Nupe, Nigerian, African or Southern Civilization.

It was the height of the Cold War at the beginning of the 1960s and the Americans didn’t want the Russians to know of their discovery. So, the Americans told NnamdiAzikiwe and TafawaBalewa that America will build a Steel Mill at Ajaokuta for Nigeria. 

The Americans were planning to use the excuse of building the Ajaokuta Steel as a cover to bore into the earth and secretly mine Vril at Ajaokuta. With Vril the Americans will usher in a new phase of the Industrial Revolution based, this time around, on Vril which combines the properties of both petrol and metal in one and even more.

But the January 15 1966 coup, the counter coups and the Biafran Civil War all came along and distracted the Americans from carrying out their plans of secretly mining Vril at Ajaokuta. 

After the war the Gowon Regime was not happy with the Americans for supporting Biafra so Gowon brought in the Russians to build Ajaokuta.

The Americans decided that they will frustrate the Russians and the Nigerians and ensure that the Ajaokuta Steel Mill never become functional. 

That was when the Americans suddenly came up with the claim that you killed Dr. Pamela. Your arrest and imprisonment in Russia seriously affected the work at Ajaokuta at that time because you were the leading engineering scientist from Russia.

The Russians soon discovered that Dr. Pamela Morgan was not dead and after some investigations discovered the truth about Vril and Operation Edith. The Americans and the Russians then checkmated each other from mining Vril at Ajaokuta.

They also prevented the Nigerians from completing the Ajaokuta Steel Mills.

Today, some forty years after the Ajaokuta Steel Mills was inaugurated it is still not functioning and the Nigerian authorities cannot explain why even though they have sank billions of dollars into the project.

After all these explanations I received another shock as Dr. Pamela Morgan herself stepped into the hall and come to hug me in front of the congregation of the Freemasonic world leaders.

She said she is actually an American professor of metallurgy who was recruited by the CIA for Operation Edith when her team of researchers discovered Vril back in the late 1950s.

Dr. Pamela discovered that the local Nupe people have been using Vril stones for centuries which when pounded and mixed with fat obtained from Vril lizards generates great spiritual energies. That was what took her to the BassangeSagiWoshi of Gboloko.