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By Ndagi Abdullahi

My grandfather, Major Ianfield, was a member of the Royal Niger Company force that conquered the Bida in 1897. He subsequently became obsessed with Bida and the Nupe Nation.

So my grandfather befriended the royalty, griots and witches of the Bida. They told him that England has only conquered KinNupe physically but cannot conquer Nupe spiritually.

My grandfather became a close friend of the grandmaster of the Ndakogboya anti-witchcraft lodge at the village of Kusogi beside Doko near Bida. This grandmaster at Kusogi was named after Mazhi Dodo but he was really a descendant of the famous Ndakogboya grandmaster Sara Jiya  of the 1860s who was transferred from Kusogi Cekpan to Kusogi Danci by Etsu Masaba the Great. 

Mazhi Dodo told my grandfather that no external people, including the Kisra, the Gwagba, the Akanda, the Fulanis or the White man have ever been able to conquer the Nupe Nation because none of them have been able to unearth the Tsudi Regalia.

My grandfather said the Tsudi Regalia, as described by Professor Leo Frobenius, consist of a sceptre, an orb and a crown all worn by Tsudi the Founder of Nupe. The Tsudi Regalia have been secretly buried in an unknown location since the 14th century by the Kororofa or Nupeko successors to Tsudi.

Grandmaster Mazhi Dodo told my grandfather Major Ianfield that as long as an invading people couldn’t retrieve those secretly buried and hidden Tsudi Regalia then those invaders cannot truly conquer the Nupe Nation. 

Then Mazhi Dodo vowed to Major Ianfield that the Nupe spiritualists will not rest until they are able to destroy England through a Great War.

My grandfather Major Ianfield didn’t believe the Ndakogboya grandmaster Mazhi Dodo’s vow.

But when my grandfather came back home to Ireland and the Two World Wars came and reduced not only the United Kingdom but the whole of Europe to rubbles and ashes, my grandfather remembered and came to believe the vow of Mazhi Dodo of Kusogi.

My father was consequently brought up a staunch believer in the power of Nupe spiritualism.

My grandfather, Major Ianfield, died immediately after the end of the Second World War in 1945. That was when my father visited KinNupe, Nigeria, to consult with the Ndakogboya spiritualists.

In KinNupe my father converted to the ancient Nupe religion of Sara. He was also initiated into the Nupe spiritualism of Eba. 

My father, an Irish White man, became famous as a spiritual adept Ebasanci in the Bida of the 1950s.

Through his spiritual researches my father discovered that the orb among the sacred regalia of Tsudi was in fact the famous Table of the Sun that the entire ancient world had searched for fruitlessly. Whoever is in possession of Tsudi’s Orb or the Table of the Sun will be the most powerful person in the entire world.

It was his possession of the Orb or Table of the Sun that transformed Tsudi the Founder of Nupe into the most powerful man in the world during his lifetime. They said Tsudi unearthed the Orb Table of the Sun from the hidden site where Etsu Yisa of the Kisra dynasty had earlier buried it. Etsu Yisa in turn was said to have similarly unearthed it from the secret location where Etsu Egife the Original Founder of Nupe had secretly buried it.

My father spent years in KinNupe fruitlessly searching for where the Tsudi Regalia were buried but he never found them.

My father eventually came back to Ireland and founded a Moorish Temple which converts initiates into the Nupe religion of Sara and taught them Ebasan. The congregation of my father’s Moorish Temple expanded considerably as many Irish people converted to the ancient Nupe religion of Sara.

So, I grew up a Nupe Sara religionist. I was in particular obsessed with, and set up a popular blog on, the idea of hidden treasures in different parts of the world. 

Deep inside me was the dream to go and locate the Table of the Sun one day in KinNupe, Nigeria.

My blog earned me international recognition and at a time the Discovery Channel, UK and Ireland, asked me to come and participate in an adventurous documentary to the furthest part of the world on the North Pole in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. I will be breaking a world record to give a live telecast of the uncharted regions of the Arctic around the North Pole.

Together with Professor Henry Williams of the National Geographic, USA, I was flown by the Discovery Channel crew to Barneo, the Russian observatory base close to the North Pole on the Arctic. It was from Barneo that I and Professor Williams set sail towards the North Pole in a specially constructed scientific dinghy fitted with all manners of cameras.

The Arctic is a mass of glacial ice and for two days we had difficulty navigating through them as the whole world watched us live sailing the uncharted recesses of the Arctic very close to the North Pole. 

We eventually got to areas that no human being has ever been to very close to the North Pole. We were congratulated by the world as having broken a new record. 

But as we went further we began to notice that the glaciers and thick bodies of ice were becoming less. After about seven hours we unexpectedly across an expansive waterfall and before we could turn back the rapids caught up with us and flung our dinghy into the gigantic waterfalls. Our fall into the waterfall was extremely rough and we both fainted as our dinghy fall through the waterfalls.

When we eventually woke up our dinghy have been badly damaged and all our communication gadgets and cameras were dysfunctional. Then we saw that we were in a tropical weather with the temperate and icy cold of the Arctic no more. Even the waters were no more salty. 

Then we look upwards and saw that the sun in the sky was kind of smoky and different from the normal sun we are used to.

We were in a completely different environment different from the Arctic and the North Pole.

That was when Professor Williams became agitated as he told me that we have unexpectedly ventured into the hollow of the earth!

He said contrary to the claims of conventional science and geography, the truth is that the planet earth is actually hollow inside and even has an inner sun. He said he have heard of an opening at the North Pole on the Arctic that leads to the inside hollow of the earth. We have obviously fallen through that opening.

I was shocked.

About two hours later as our dinghy floated on a large river surrounded by a tropical forest of strange flora and fauna a race of twelve-feet tall giant human beings emerged from the creeks. They were dressed in strange and alien apparels and they spoke a completely incomprehensible language. But their gadgets and carriage show that the giants are evidently in possession of a science and a technology far more advanced than that of our modern Western civilization.

The giants scrutinized us with great amazement as they captured us into an indescribable machine somewhat looking like a gigantic torpedo made of a glassy material.

As they convey us back to their city we could saw giant human beings riding dinosaurs and driving indescribable automobiles.

The nature and appearance of their city also show clearly that this inner earth civilization is far more advanced than our Western civilization on the outside world.

We were displayed on a stage before a parliament of their elders inside a gigantic auditorium. That was when we first discovered that these inner earth giants have the power of psychic communication. They could read our thoughts and they communicated with us through thoughts without opening their mouths to talk since they know we can’t understand their language.

Their parliament of elders told us, through psychic communication with thoughts, that they are a supremely advanced civilization that reside in the hollow of the earth.

They said they are fully aware of our civilization on the outer face of the earth even though only the witches and wizards initiates of a few secret society fraternities and lodges among us knew of the existence of their advanced civilization inside the hollow of the earth.

They said they were the original inhabitants of the outer face of the earth we inhabit today and the first human beings were giants. They said they were driven into the hollow of the earth by the unbearable radioactive materials released into the air during the thermonuclear warfare that produced the Sahara Desert and brought the supremely advanced civilization of Osiria to an end circa 3000BC. 

They said they frequently visit our outside world in flying saucers and other UFOs.

They said they frequently visit KinNupe, Nigeria, in the night in their incandescent UFOs which the local Nupe people mistake for the Ena yeshi burning lights of the witches who fly about in the night.

I immediately asked why they frequent KinNupe in the night. They answered that they go to KinNupe in search of Tsudi’s Orb or the Table of the Sun which is the greatest power in the world.

The atmosphere of the outer world is still hazardous to them and it is only the Tsudi Orb Table of the Sun that they can use to readjust the outer atmosphere of the earth to their convenience.

The day they discover the location of the Tsudi Regalia and get hold of the Tsudi Orb Table of the Sun the giants said they will leave the hollow of the earth or inner earth en masse and return back to the surface of the earth. 

That day the Nupe Nation will eventually be conquered by the race of giants from the hollow of the earth, the same ancient race of inner earth giants referred to as the Yajuj and Majuj or Gog and Magog by the Holy Scriptures.