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By Ndagi Abdullahi

Ezhiga, my village, is historically the centre of witchcraft in KinNupe. But Islam and Westernisation came and did away with that notoriety of Ezhiga.

My father was the Chief Imam of Ezhiga. Ours was a strictly Islamic family.

Apart from my early Islamic education I also attended Western schools from primary through secondary to university levels. So, my entire educational career had nothing to do with witchcraft.

A decade after my university graduation and NYSC I couldn’t get a stable job. I became depressed.

Then I met Nmadu, a university schoolmate. Nmadu was now extremely rich. After our university days Nmadu was crippled by a strange disease.

We initially learnt he later died.

But, as I can now see, Nmadu did not die. In fact,Nmadu went on to work with a multinational company, Strinberg-Birgitta, in Denmark through the ranks of which he rose to become extremely rich.

The rumours are now that Nmadu’s stupendous wealth is due to his initiation into a secret society. In KinNupe every rich man is accused of belonging to a secret cult or a witchcraft fraternity.

I told Nmadu of my joblessness.

Nmadu secured me an office with a great salary at Strinberg-Birgitta, the Danish multinational company he worked with.

Strinberg-Birgitta is involved in building a five-star hotel at the Nupe port-city of Baro, the new industrial-commercial capital of Nigeria. My office oversaw the financial department of the project.

Strinberg-Birgitta had cleared a vast forest-land for the building of the hotel. It recruited labourers, for the massive construction, from the numerous Nupe villages in the surrounding area.

Nnamasa was an old Nupe woman, who came to sell masa deep-fry wheat and barley cakes to the thousands of labourers at the construction site. Her masa cakes were so sweet. She outdid all other masa-sellers.

I became good friends with Nnamasa.

Nnamasa admired my accounting skills. She brought her women friends from the village to conduct the Dashi revolving fund with me as their treasurer. I accepted the proposal. The women will regularly contribute fixed monetary amount, which I am to hand over to one of them on a monthly basis. We started and the Dashi was very successful.

It was around that time that I became involved in the opposition to Strinberg-Birgitta’s slave-labour oppression of the village labourers. We will not let the White Scandinavians exploit us Black people in our own country.

But Nmadu was in support of his Danish paymasters. I had my first quarrel with Nmadu. I realised that Nmadu could do anything to get money. What if the secret cult rumours about him were true?

Then I got distracted by witchcraft allegations against Nnamasa. I dismissed such allegations as envious carps by her masa-selling competitors. The Nnamasa accusations, however, became too serious to the point that it led to a riot by the labourers at the construction site.

I still disbelieved the allegations…

… until the day a dying villager kept on repeating my name as the wizard who wanted to kill him!

The villagers summoned a witch-doctor who identified me as the wizard heading a witchcraft Dashi cult of witches,organised by Nnamasa. Unknown to me Nnamasa and her friends were truly witches; Nnamasa and her witch friends have recruited me into a revolving death Dashi secret witchcraft cult. Unbeknown to me every month the woman I give the revolving fund Dashi money to will offer one of her dearest relatives to be killed by her co-witches.

A massive riot broke out among the village labourers at the construction site. The police came and arrested me, Nnamasa and her witch friends.

Released on bail, I saw myself, for the first time in my life, approaching a witch-hunter Boci for spiritual succour.

But the Boci soothsayer startled me when he told me that Nnamasa was merely a tool in the hand of Nmadu who is the greater witchcraft wizard. He said Nmadu was using Nnamasa to harvest the spirit or fifingi of the labourers who eat her sweet masa. This way the wages and salaries of the numerous zombie or fara ghost labourers go into the personal account of Nmadu; thereby making Nmadu stupendously richer.

Now I know the rumours about Nmadu are real.

Now I see the connection between witchcraft and wealth. No wonder every rich man in KinNupe is accused of being a witch or member of a secret cult.

I confronted Nmadu but he denied any involvement with Nnamasa, the witch.

But Nmadu was later caught with human parts he used in cannibalistic fetish rituals. The police arrested him and a court sentenced him to a long jail term. The witch-hunting villagers burnt Nnamasa to death before police intervention.

Then Nmadu committed suicide in cell.

The nation was shocked. And in all these my name was headlined about by the national dailies. I was shattered emotionally.

I tendered my resignation letter, but Strinberg-Birgitta will not retire me. The Board of Directors praised me for exposing both Nmadu and Nnamasa.

Strinberg-Birgitta offered me promotion. But I refused the promotion. I was still against Strinberg-Birgitta’s slave labour activities. They decided to post me to their Copenhagen headquarters where I won’t see slave-labour. They offered me a package of irresistible incentives.

I moved to the Copenhagen world headquarters of Strinberg-Birgitta.

I was soon busy at the world headquarters. Mine was a very big office and an incredibly gigantic salary. I became extremely wealthy overnight.

It all reminded me of Nmadu’s overnight rise to extreme wealth. I began to hear Nmadu-like stories about me whenever I visit Nigeria. Rumours were rife back in Nigeria that I have been initiated into a secret cult.

I hated all that. I began to think of resigning from Strinberg-Birgitta if that will put an end to these damaging rumours.

But by that time I had gone too far in the Strinberg-Birgitta echelon of power. I had by then been introduced to the inner circle of powers within and outside Europe.

Besides, my conscience was very clear because I knew I will never go the extent of involving myself in witchcraft to get stupendous money the way Nmadu did. And the white people, the powers that be at Strinberg-Birgitta and the rest of Europe, don’t practice witchcraft.

Or so I thought…

…. Until the day I was heckled by a crowd of Tibetan monks while attending an international conference on behalf of Strinberg-Birgitta in Lhasa.

The monks condemned me as a personification of evil.

More surprisingly they referred to Strinberg-Birgitta as a witchcraft organisation that annually kills millions of innocent souls worldwide.

I came back to Copenhagen destabilised. I have suspected, long ago, that the Strinberg-Birgitta leadership has an occult way of ‘predicting’ the occurrence of natural disasters in different parts of the world. They allocate commensurable aid relief for particular disaster zones before such disasters actually take place.

The aid records of Strinberg-Birgitta show that the leadership knew, in a way, about world natural disasters from the 1976 Tangshan earthquake of China through the 1991 Bangladesh Cyclone to the 2008 Cyclone Nargis disaster of Myanmar and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster of Indonesia before these ‘natural’ disasters actually took place…

…. there is only one explanation for this: the Strinberg-Birgitta leadership, all White people, are witches and wizards!

I was so destabilised I visited the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. I told him of my ordeal.

The Dalai Lama told me that he has been expecting me.

The Dalai Lama told me the following:

That I was initiated into witchcraft by my parents in less than five minutes after I was born into our Nupe village of Ezhiga in Niger State, Nigeria, West Africa.

That my father, the Chief Imam of Ezhiga, was personally responsible for investing me with the most powerful form of witchcraft potions such that to this very day I have continued to attract the attention of the spiritual underworld.

That that explained my continued involvement with witches, wizards, and their fraternities and lodges including Nnamasa, Nmadu, and Strinberg-Birgitta.

That Nmadu was in fact a Fara ghost; Nmadu actually died of a witchcraft-induced disease after our university days.

That Strinberg-Birgitta is indeed a lodge of witches and wizards.

That the witches and wizards leadership of Strinberg-Birgitta identified me as a potent tool for their worldwide spiritual operations. That is why they sent their Fara ghosts, Nmadu and Nnamasa, to come and get me into their scheme of things.

That the Dashi revolving death ritual of witchcraft is not only practiced at a local level as I saw among Nnamasa and her friends but that it is also the universal practice even among witches at the international level.

That Strinberg-Birgitta also practisesDashi revolving death fund, through its annual inducement of world natural disasters into which it invests its billions of dollars in the form of relief aid before the eyes of the world.

That almost all the richest and most powerful White men in the world are wizards and witches who hide under the deceptive names of international economics, commerce, industry, politics, science, and technology to perpetrate the ancient Nupe science of witchcraft in the form of Freemasonry, and the organized religions dominating the world today.