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By Ndagi Abdullahi

Ambassador Abubakar Nmanciko Fanle was the greatest Nupe diplomat ever. He was the Nigerian ambassador to the UN and was such a fine diplomat that he was being tipped as a future Secretary General of the United Nations.
But, and suddenly, in 1998 Ambassador Fanle developed psychiatric problems. As a madman he had to be brought back from New York to Abuja and finally to his village of Fanle close to Labozhi in Mokwa LGA of Niger State.
As a leading community health worker overseeing Mokwa LGA zone I ended up the closest person to the elderly Ambassador Fanle as he was abandoned by his family in the palatial home he had built at his village during his days in faraway New York.
The story everywhere is that many Nupe people envied Ambassador Fanle’s phenomenal success as a diplomat at the UN and in the end they succeeded in using Nupe witchcraft to turn him into a madman.
I was checking on Ambassador Fanle once every week but the closer I become to him the more I see that his type of madness is a typical. He was evidently schizophrenic but it is in a strange way. He is normal at almost all the time and goes into his spells of madness only at will and after deliberate preparations for the madness sessions.
He will be normal throughout the day but pretends to be a madman throughout the night. During the day this great man will wear ordinary clothes and join the peasants on the farm to while away the day playing with the farmers. 
Then in the night he will don his full diplomatic suits and sit at the head of the massive roundtable at the gigantic hall in his palatial house as he holds court with his imaginary council of world presidents, prime ministers, kings, diplomats, and so on and on.
In the day he is a normal human being playing with the villagers on their farms. In the night he is a mad human being holding court with imaginary world leaders inside his own United Nations Assembly Hall.
It is like his madness was deliberate!
In fact, and with time, I begin to doubt if Ambassador Fanle was really mad at all. He seems to be faking his madness. 
But if not for madness who will exchange the comfort, the wealth, the reputation and the power of being Nigeria’s ambassador to the UN for a life of loneliness, poverty and delusion in the remote and isolated village of Fanle?
The villagers said they atimes go into Ambassador Fanle’s house in the middle of the night to look at his nightly council with his imaginary world leaders. So one day, out of sheer curiosity, I accepted an invitation by one of the villagers to come to watch Ambassador Fanle during one of his nightly sessions of madness.
And in the night there was Ambassador Fanle dressed in his finest of European diplomatic suits as he sat as the chairman at the head of that massive roundtable in that gigantic hall in his palatial house.
There were thirty-six seats on the roundtable and Ambassador Fanle will look towards a seat and call out the name of an imaginary world president, prime minister or diplomat he imagined to be sitting on that seat. He will ask his imaginary world leader a question or enter into a discussion with the imaginary world leader. 
“Mr. President from what I can see in this book before me a prophecy that Muslim terrorists will be hijacking planes and ramming the into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York next month,” I could see Ambassador Fanle saying towards a seat he imagines President George W. Bush of America to be sitting on. 
The villagers and I didn’t see any President George W. Bush but we could see Ambassador Fanle listening to the reply from his imaginary President Bush.
Then Ambassador Lanle turned to another seat and called out to Kofi Annan the Secretary General of the United Nations. “Mr. Annan I can also see from this prophecy that your UN will be used by the Americans to invade Afghanistan and dislodge the Taliban from power in retaliation for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre this September 11.”
And while we see or hear nothing from the seats Ambassador Fanle will assume that he is seeing and hearing the imaginary world leader replying or discussing with him. In fact so sure is Ambassador Fanle of what he saw and heard that he writes everything down a piece of paper right in front of him.
The villagers laughed but as I looked closer at Ambassador Fanle’s antics I have this uncanny feeling that Ambassador Fanle is not a madman and is not playing pranks, he is actually seeing his imaginary world leaders for real!
But I didn’t do anything about my observation and the next day, and the following days and weeks, I became so busy with my daily routine that I simply forgot about ‘Ambassador Fanle the Madman’ as they call him…
That is until some two weeks later when the entire world woke up to the shocking news, on the 11th of September 2001, that a group of Muslims terrorists hijacked some planes which they rammed into the World Trade Centre in New York city killing over three thousand people!
… the prophecy of Ambassador Fanle the madman has come through with a frightening precision!
I was so shocked that very day I rushed down from Mokwa to Fanle. I met Ambassador Fanle returning from the farm amidst the joyful farmers and I asked him if he is aware that the World Trade Center in New York has been attacked by planes hijacked by Muslim terrorist. He said he doesn’t know what I am talking about. That is when I realized that in his normal state he is not usually aware of what he does during his sessions of madness.
Now I knew that there is something absolutely supernatural about Ambassador Fanle’s ‘madness’, and I want to get to the root of that matter.
So, I waited till it was the middle of the night of that very day September 11 2001 then I went to watch Ambassador Fanle in his nightly session of madness discussing with world leaders.
And, sure enough, Ambassador Fanle was there sitting at the head of his roundtable and talking with his imaginary world leaders about how horrific the plane hijack terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre was.
“Prime Minister Tony Blair,” Ambassador Fanle was addressing a seat, “I understand the UK is solidly behind the USA as far as this terrorist attack on the USA is concern. That, however, is not my immediate concern now.”
I stood up and went straight to Ambassador Fanle where he was seated at the head of the roundtable and I asked him how was it he was able to precisely prophecy the 911 attacks in his supposed state of madness while he couldn’t do so in his normal state. 
Ambassador Fanle looked up at me from his seat and said he is not a madman – he said during the daytimes he goes mad but during the night he becomes a normal human being. And that those of us who see him as a madman during the night are the mad ones.
He said since I see him as a madman during the night then I must be mad too. He then offered to cure me of my nightly madness.
I was confused. Who is the madman between me and Ambassador Fanle. If Ambassador Fanle can perfectly prophesize the 911 attacks during his nightly sessions then he might not be mad during the night. I might be the one who is mad.
That was when Ambassador Fanle asked me to turn and look around the massive roundtable. I turned around and what I saw was world leaders – presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, kings and monarchs – sitting on the chairs round the roundtable. They were all looking at me.
Ambassador Fanle began to introduce me to the world leaders. He told them that I am now the new member of Brotherhood of the Snake, an ultra-secretive witchcraft lodge of some of the most powerful men and women in the world with extensive links to the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Priory of Scion, the Bilderberg, and many other such world secret cults. 
Ambassador Fanle said their Brotherhood of the Snake is so spiritually potent that it held its meetings in spiritual forms such that world leaders gather here with him spiritually every night to discuss and chart the course of world events.
Ambassador Fanle introduced me to Henry Kissinger who shook my hands and said, “Every night we come here spiritually to meet with our leader Ambassador Fanle. Being a Nupe man he naturally have more reptilian spiritual potentials than all of us White people. We members of the Brother of the Snake discovered Ambassador Fanle at the United Nations and we decided that he will be of greater assistance to our Brotherhood by leaving the United Nations and staying back here in KinNupe the most spiritually potent place on the face of the planet earth. 
“This is exactly how Niccolo Machiavelli retired to a village near Florence in the 1510s; he will play with the farmhands during the day but don his most imperial clothes during the night as he held court spiritually with world leaders and world ideologues through which conversations he penned down his most monumental work ‘The Prince’.
“Now we have discovered you too as another Nupe man with marked lizard genes and you shall henceforth be seen as a madman by the general public.”