Dear Sir,

Allow me some space in your widely read newspaper to appeal to the Niger State government to intervene in Kpashafu community in the areas of provision water, motorable road, and health. Kpashafu is in Kede, Mokwa Local Government Area of the state. The challenges the villagers are facing in these two aspects of life are demoralising. Consequently, the young people in the village are abandoning it for the cities, where they think life is better. Only old people are left behind to farm, to endure the harsh condition of the rural environment. I think that if the village is provided with basic social amenities they will be encouraged to stay and take to the occupation of their fathers and forebears. Now, many who have abandoned the village to live in the cities or to search for work are just idling away, some performing menial jobs, which I consider underemployment because these village deserters are secondary school leavers or have greater qualifications. If they are retained in the villages, attracted by the provision of essential things of life, many would find that agriculture is infinitely more satisfying and rewarding than the city jobs, such as riding Kabukabu or washing dishes in restaurants or hotels.

Among our greatest problems are the absence of good drinking water, health facilities and unmotorable roads. The absence of these make life in the village strenuous and unappealing. How can we attract people from other parts of Nigeria when the existential conditions of the people are deplorable? The absence of water and health facilities in the area increases the incidence of disease and avoidable deaths. We hope that the present administration in Niger State will pay greater attention to the rural areas, which are affected negatively by the absence of social amenities, which make life more interesting and worth living. 

The present administration will remain indelible in the minds of Kpashafu people if these problems are addressed. 

Ahmad Abubakar Alhaji Kpashafu, 

Dept of Mass Communication, 

 Fati Lami Abubakar Collage for Legal and General Studies, 

Kpakungu, Minna, Niger State.