Dear Sir

Permit me some space in your widely read newspaper to appeal to the Niger State government to roll out programmes that will take care of youths and women, particularly.

Our youths, generally, and women, in particular, face persistent hardship as a result of the unsolved problem of unemployment bedevilling the nation. Many youths who have graduated from secondary and tertiary institutions roam the streets with certificates,  looking for jobs. This has serious negative impact on the youths, with some engaging in nefarious activities which are inimical to their development. Some of them, who have found jobs requiring  application of hard labour, end up taking drugs to enable them carry out their strenuous jobs.

Now, the situation is that some youths who have managed to finish secondary school, are afraid to further their education because of the nagging feeling that they would not have jobs after graduation. This particularly applies to girls, especially those whose parents are poor. Even if they have the zeal and the ability to further their education, this is thwarted by the poverty among parents. Eventually, they are forced into the hands of bad guys or made to undergo forced marriage.

I will, therefore, appeal to the three tiers of government in the country to consider the plight of these young ones in making policies so that they can be useful to themselves and society. As leaders of tomorrow, they should be provided with good jobs, or given the opportunity to acquire skills that will make them self-employed and employers of labour.

By Azimatu Adamu,

Mass Communication Dept.,

Fati Lami College for Legal and General Studies, Kpakungu, Minna.