Dear Sir,

I want to commend Dr Ndagi Abdullahi, author of Sunday Short Story, in your popular publication. The fiction is,  indeed, very well written and interesting, but I want to ask him, “Are you a wizard or Gaci, in Nupe?” If he is not, how come he knows so much about the world of witches and wizards to write so convincingly about it. No wonder he is the secretary general of the Nupe Culture and Resource Centre, in Bida. His knowledge about an important aspect of Nupe reality qualifies him for the office.

I observe, however, that Dr Abdullahi’s narration verges on fiction, which means that the short story is just a creative enterprise, coming from the rich mind of the writer. But his fiction is so convincing that you would think that he is a member of the convent of witches and wizards. And is he not a member?

While I doff my hat to him, I want to encourage the writer to keep on with his narration, which exposes the dark secrets of the world of witches and wizards. If we knew so much about them, some of us might even apply to be a witch or wizard. Thanks, doctor, for providing Sunday entertainment.

Mohammed Saba,

Ceniya or Masaba ward,

Bida Local Govt,

Niger State.